Arccos 360 Shot Tracking System

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Arccos 360 Shot Tracking System.

The Arccos 360 Shot Tracking System features 14 sensors – one for every club in your bag. It automatically records and  also analyzes every shot you hit. Combining Live Shot Tracking, GPS 2.0 and also Tour Analytics to help any player make smarter decisions to shoot lower scores. This is a great system if you want in depth statistics and also the best feedback on your game.

Arccos 360 Shot Tracking System Features:

  • Know your exact distance to any point on the course
  • Learn precisely which club to use in every situation
  • Identify your actual strengths and weaknesses
  • Ultralight, low-profile sensors
  • Battery designed to last 5 years
  • Power saving mode
  • Enhanced shot-detection algorithm
  • 14 ultralight sensors
  • Free iOS & Android apps

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