Callaway Chrome Soft X Triple Track Balls 22 - Dozen

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Callaway Chrome Soft X Triple Track Balls - White

Tour players demand perfect golf balls, and for good reason.  If the ball’s core, or any subsequent layer is fractionally off in size, a perfectly struck shot won’t produce a perfect result.  In order to ensure that every new Chrome Soft X Golf Ball coming off Callaway’s production line meets the most exacting standards, Callaway invested $50 million dollars in developing Precision Technology.  Using 3-D X-Rays exclusive to Callaway, Precision Technology allows golf balls to be measured and manufactured within an obscenely small 1/1000th of an inch tolerance.  As a result, every single Chrome Soft X is guaranteed to deliver Callaway’s fastest speeds and tightest dispersion, as well as unparalleled distance and control. The new Chrome Soft X features a Hyper Elastic SoftFast Core and enhanced HEX aerodynamics for increased ball speed in comparison to its predecessor. Designed for better, faster-swinging players, Chrome Soft X offers excellent spin consistency, high ball speeds off the tee, workable iron shots, and Tour level short game control.


  • Firmest and highest spinning Chrome Soft designed for stronger players who work and flight the ball
  • Excellent spin consistency, high ball speeds off the tee, and Tour level short game control
  • Triple Track alignment lines improve putting accuracy and alignment
  • Precision Technology creates manufacturing specifications up to 1/000th of an inch
  • Hyper Elastic SoftFast Core for increased driver speed and soft feel around the greens
  • New Tour Aero provides a consistent, stable ball flight in every possible condition

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