Fatplate Lite Training Aid

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About Fatplate Lite Training Aid

The Fatplate Lite Training Aid encourages you to bring your strike-point closer to the ball. This gives you that crucial ‘ball then turf’ descending strike. It also allows you to work on your swing mechanics in all weather conditions. Work on your long irons & chipping at the range, practice area or even at home! The low profile & cut-out strike-zone allows you to hit the purest shots with long irons & wedges. Ideal for practice at the range & even better for practising on natural grass, where FatPlate Lite also gives instant path, length & depth feedback of your divots. The 2018 FatPlate Lite range now comes in four fantastic colours. Fairway Green has a grass effect surface pattern and has been designed to be sympathetic to its environment. The additional white keyline around the strike-zone draws focus and gives just enough for you to bring your strike-point closer to the ball. Lite-Viz: this range was developed together with tour pros who wanted a little extra visual encouragement in order to get ‘into the back of the ball’. The gradient on the FatPlate Lite-Viz models is designed to draw the eye toward the strike-zone. What’s your flavour?

Who is FatPlate for?

Everyone! FatPlate is used by & is suitable for tour pros, teaching pros and recreational golfers of all abilities. As FatPlate & FatPlate Lite provide exactly the same action in encouraging the low point of the swing arc to be after the ball, the FatPlate model that is most right for you is not dependant on your ability but rather upon your personal practice routine and personal preference. For additional information to help to decide, please take a look at the features & benefits and FAQs. FatPlate focuses on muscle memory which allows you to continually strike the ball off the synthetic turf strike-zone. Especially when used in practice drills in conjunction with other training equipment, as no divots are created. Swing, hit, evaluate feedback, adapt, repeat.

Do you need StrikeStrips?

In addition to the auditory response given by the new FatPlate Lite, if the low point of your swing is behind the ball, StrikeStrips™ give precise visual feedback of both path & strike point. But remember, you're not supposed to mark them. Keep it clean! Click here to view our full FatPlate range

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