Golphin For Kids 7 Iron

age: 9-10
colour: Red
dexterity: RH
Sale price£19.99


Golphin For Kids 7 Iron

Golphin For Kids 7 Iron - Built using aero-space alloy - GolPhin clubs are 22% lighter than other junior golf clubs with a 35% larger sweet spot for more great shots. 1x 7 iron with oversize club head, 34 degree loft, lightweight graphite shaft and oversize grooves to promote a higher ball flight, engineered with aerospace technology to create a light club that junior golfers can swing properly

Easier to swing, keep balance and encourages kids to instinctively hinge and rotate their wrists and arms.

Traditional junior and kids’ clubs are too heavy, causing the kids to sway and lose control. This results in “the club swinging the kid, rather than the kid swinging the club.” Traditional junior golf clubs have smaller club heads than adult clubs, making it more challenging for kids to strike the ball. Our oversized club heads make it easier to connect with the ball. The radial profile of the sole makes the irons more forgiving for variable lie angles. Traditional kids’ clubs have a fairly square leading edge.. High flight grooves generates more spin on the ball, increasing its trajectory significantly. Therefore, the ball gets airborne more quickly and flies higher than with traditional kids’ clubs. Our range has been designed specifically to get the ball up in the air, generating confidence and making golf a pleasurable experience for the beginning golfer.

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