Golphin GFK+ 112 Advanced 6 Iron Age 11-12

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Golphin GFK+ 112 Advanced 6 Iron (Age 11-12)

Golphin GFK+ 112 Advanced 6 Iron (Age 11-12) - The GFK+ Providing kids with products that inspire a desire to progress and improve is mission critical as young golfers aspire towards competition golf. GolPhin’s engineering team have therefore developed a high performance range of clubs to enable a transition from Beginners to Winners for kids aged 7 to 14. Designed in 4 stages, the club weight and shaft CPM (flex and torque) increases as the kids grow taller and increase their club head speed. GFK+ has been tested against all other leading junior clubs and proven to outperform all other brands 22% LIGHTER Easier to swing and keep balance so kids swing the club rather than the reverse 35% LARGER SWEET SPOT Oversized clubfaces overcome shortcomings of traditional junior clubs, to make it easier to connect with the ball HIGH FLIGHT GROOVES Generates more spin to get the ball airborne quickly and flies higher than traditional kids’ clubs.

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