Honma BeZeal 535 Fairway Wood

loft: 3-15º
flex: Regular
dexterity: RH
Sale price£249.00


About Honma BeZeal 535 Fairway Wood

Introducing the new Honma BeZeal 535 Fairway Wood. The “total design” optimizes the 3 factors of distance: initial velocity, launch angle and spin rate by the use of key technologies. Also the head shape has been further developed.


  • GROOVE POWER AREA. To expand the repulsion area of the face for increased ball speed and distance
  • Head shape redesign for a further and lower the centre of gravity providing a high launch angle with low spin
  • Increased forgiveness on the toe and the heal to promote a "back to the centre trajectory" on miss shots
  • Easy to catch the ball thanks to the position of the 7gr weight

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