Honma TW747 460 Driver

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loft: 10.5º
flex: Vizard 50 Regular
dexterity: RH
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About Honma TW747 460 Driver

Introducing The NEW Honma TW747 460 Driver. The NEW TW747 Series with Real Distance Technology. This Honma Tour World TW747 460 Driver has a shape that makes it easy to hit the ball for the shallow center of gravity design with large-sized shallow back. a large projection area is a model aiming for explosive flight distance with The High trajectory & low spin. Although the projected area is large, this one is a shallow center of gravity and has a good type of grasping, and it seems that now the work does not seem to judge the characteristics of the head only by looking at the projected area.


Non-Rotating System
The original tuning function called "NON - ROTATING SYSTEM", in short, can be steplessly stepless without rotating the shaft. (Rye, Loft ± 1.0 °, Face Angle ± 1.5 °).
Carbon Rib Crown
Rib Crown made of carbon
4-Fang Technology
New Technology applied in the face to give more forgiveness and distance, it also gives pleasant hitting sound and response allows the user to feel the ball caught on the face. . Its structure is simple, with two ribs shaped like fangs on the top and bottom attached to the top and bottom of the face to raise the rigidity around the face, increase the repulsion of the face, the initial speed performance will increase.
Weight Distribution
2 weight screws installed: 9g and 2.5g
  • Available in 2 Lofts Option: 9.5* / 10.5*
  • Head Volume is 460cc
  • Comes with Vizard For TW747 Shaft as its standard shaft
  • Other Shafts available as custom shaft option

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