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The latest LitePower Lithium range is lighter, longer-lasting and offers greater compatibility than ever before.
Available in Standard (2.1kg) and Extended (2.9kg) capacity options, the LitePower Lithium range is 75% lighter than Lead-acid equivalents and designed to fit any mainstream trolley through a universal connection system.
With three discharging options (Interconnect, Torberry or Eyelet), the latest models reduce the need for additional charging cables, while the specially-developed Torberry charging unit fully charges the battery from empty in less than five hours.
The LitePower range features an upgraded solid brass connection system offering superior conductivity, plus an upgraded battery management system (BMS) which continually optimises performance to maximise its life. As a result, its lifetime is at least five-times longer than a standard Lead-acid battery - backed up by a market-leading three-year comprehensive warranty*.
The LitePower Lithium range utilises top quality Lithium Phosphate (LiFePO4), which offers the most reliable, long-lasting and safest form of Lithium in the golf trolley sector.
*Valid on purchases made after 1st January 2017. Terms & conditions apply.
NEW Three-year comprehensive warranty*
75% lighter than Lead-acid equivalent
Five times longer lifespan
Compact design
Compatible with all major electric trolleys
Soft touch bag with carry handle
Recharges in 4.5 hours
Supplied with high performance LitePower charger
Integrated BMS for optimal performance & unrivalled reliability
Weighs only 2.1kg
Standard range capacity
NB : LitePower batteries are not supplied with a connection lead (available separately)
*All comparisons made against 24ah Lead-acid battery. Capacity applies to single-motored models only. Conditions such as trolley efficiency, excessively long or hilly courses, very wet fairways, unusually heavy golf bags or charging USB devices may reduce the range of this battery. Warranty conditions apply. See Warranty Information for full details.
Composition : Lithium ion Phosphate (LiFeP04)
Weight : 2.1kg
Size : 170mm x 130mm x 75mm
Capacity : 16ah
Voltage : 12v Nominal
Warranty : 3-year comprehensive*

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