Mizuno BT Knitted Beanie Hat

Colour: Black
Sale price£22.50


Mizuno Breath Thermo Knit Beanie

  • Official Mizuno Internet Retailer
  • Full Manufacturer Warranty
  • Engineered Heat-Retaining Material

These well-fitting beanies are made of heat-generating Breath Thermo fabric and will keep you playing even in the coldest weather. They're available in four colours.


Breath Thermo is a remarkable heat-generating fabric with a thermal insulation mechanism that captures and uses body moisture to generate heat.
The absorption process's hot air trapped between the fibres keeps the space between the garment and the body warm and dry.

  • Breath Thermo 
  • Thermal Plus
  • High absorbency keeps excess moisture away 
  • Deodorises and absorbs odours
  • ONE SIZE with four colour option

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