Mizuno Ladies Nexlite SL Shoes

loft: Size 5
option 2: White/Black
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The Mizuno Ladies Nexlite SL Shoes is an ultra-light 275 gram spineless golf shoe.

This ultra-light 275 gram shoe engineered by Mizuno’s award winning running team, for golfers who walk the course. The Mizuno Ladies Nexlite SL Shoes is a spikeless, summer shoe built on the patented Mizuno WAVE platform for long lasting cushioning and also stability. The Sofrina SK upper is used to reduce the total weight, whilst remaining breathable, lightweight and also waterproof. An Impact Grip system ensures stability through the ball and also a solid powerful base in firmer conditions.

Mizuno Ladies Nexlite SL Shoes Features:

  • Ultra-light comfort Mizuno’s lightest ever golf shoe at 275g total weight.
  • Sofrina SK Upper High comfort, soft touch and also waterproof upper.
  • Mizuno Wave Platform Award winning cushioning and also stability trusted by runners worldwide.
  • Waterproof to 20,000mm Protein-tex upper feels like natural leather, but totally waterproof tested to 20,000mm.
  • Impact Grip System (IG) For maximum stability in firm conditions.

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