Volvik Vivid Red Golf Balls - Dozen

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The worlds first ever MATTE finish golf ball, Volvik Vivid Red Golf Balls.

The Volvik Vivid Red Golf Balls are the worlds first ever matte finish golf ball. Coming in a range of stylish colours that aid in visibility. Furthermore, offering a stable and constant ball flight and longer distance for slower swing speeds. Whilst still offering a softer feel along with line aid for putting. Consistency and brightness are the keys from this fantastic 3 piece golf ball.

Volvik Vivid Red Golf Balls Features:

  • Worlds first ever matt finish golf ball
  • Extremely bright and stylish colour range
  • Stable and consistent flight
  • Longer distance for slower swing speeds
  • For golfers seeking more focus and a softer feel
  • Consistent and accurate green control

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