Yonex Ezone Elite 2 Hybrid

loft: 4
flex: R
dexterity: RH
Sale price£109.00


About Yonex Ezone Elite 2 Hybrid

Superior technology. Superior innovation. Superior distance - Yonex's all new and improved Yonex Ezone Elite 2 Hybrid are the ultimate long iron replacement clubs for the mid-high handicap golfer. Octoforce Neo is the latest innovative technology, and is now built into the face and crown of this new hybrid. This results in a sweetspot that is effectively 10% larger by saving and redistributing weight around the head to bring the CG location lower and deeper in the head for much higher launch and superb forgiveness. The crown also now features an updated, super lightweight octagon design which flexes much more through impact for a faster initial velocity, higher launch and maximum distance from both the ground and the tee. Diagonal slanted grooves are also a key part of the EZONE Elite 2's performance, and work by preventing grass and moisture from becoming trapped between the face and ball at impact as well as stabilising ball flights and reducing unwanted side spin for exceptional accuracy even on mis-strikes. Sole Thickness Flow Design also now features in the design of the EZONE Elite 2 hybrids where thicker materials are used at the rear and thinner materials at the front of the soles design to further lower the CG location for high soaring ball flights and better repulsion from the tee, fairway and even the rough. The EZONE Elite 2 comes fitted with the ultra premium M55 Light shaft. Designed for a mid-high launch, this shaft offers exceptional feel and forgiveness while its lighter weight helps golfers generate much faster clubhead speeds.


  • Diagonal slanted grooves feature to reduce unwanted side spin and to stabilise ball flights for better accuracy and consistency
  • Octaforce Neo reduces weight and repositions CG lower and deeper for a 10% larger sweetspot
  • High performance M55 Light shaft increases flexibility and kick back for astounding distance
  • Sole Thickness Flow Design lowers CG location for high launch and better repulsion
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