Top Ten Best Golf Gift this Xmas 2021

It is to no Golfers surprise to receive some truly awful gifts over the Christmas period, anything from overly vibrant Golf socks to novelty Golf Cart Xmas Decorations. If you’re completely clueless on the subject of Golf but your nearest and dearest love the game, or even if its just a secret Santa for a relative or a colleague at work we’ve got you covered. We’ll make sure you hit a hole in one this Christmas. From top end high tech Golf Equipment and the latest releases in Golf Clothing and Golf Clubs, to small meaningful yet useful Golf Presents, we have left no stone unturned finding Golf presents to suit all budgets. 

Midland Golf have put together this list of the perfect Golf Xmas Gifts, so if you are struggling for Golf Xmas Ideas for that special someone this year look no further. The options below are available In-Store and on our Online Golf Store. Some of the products below feature in our Black Friday Deals so be sure to check out the offers. So without further ado, here are The Top Ten Best Golf Gift this Christmas 2021.

Mizuno Golf Pen Caddy

Getting straight to the point with the novelty gifts for those difficult secret Santa presents. The Mizuno Golf Pen Caddy is the perfect small gift that stays within a low budget and is a small yet meaningful present that won’t fit their full set of Mizuno Irons. But will shows that you’ve taken in to consideration the recipients love of Golf and Mizuno Golf Bags. By getting them a novelty gift that they love but might not necessarily buy for themselves. A perfect yet practical gift for the work place, that you can see them enjoy daily.

Golf Hats

In keeping with the smaller Golf Presents that stay within a reasonable budget, you can’t go wrong with Golf Hats and Golf Caps. Again a meaningful yet practical gift that you know any regular Golf Player will use on a regular basic. Knowing their preference of style is a bonus but if not, there are a wide range of Golf Hats for Men in all different colours and styles such as Golf Bobble Hats and Golf Bucket Hats. There are many Golf Brands that are popular for their Golf Headwear such as Ping Golf Hats, Titleist and under Armour, so with minimal research the receiver knows that you’ve taken in to consideration their love of Golf. 

Golf Snoods

Similar to the Hats, Golf Snoods are an essential accessory to Golfers and would be widely appreciated by any seasoned Golfer that likes to play throughout the Winter. Any Golf wear that’s thermal or waterproof will always go down a treat with any Golfer. Almost every Golf Clothing Brand offer a wide range of the Best Golf Snoods, such as Under Armour, Galvin Green Snoods, Mizuno Golf Snood and Island Green so you won’t have to look far. Many vary in price as well, so you can choose accordingly. You might be thinking its just a neck warmer but trust us, your Golfing friends will get it and more importantly appreciate it.

US Kids Package Set

Moving on to some bigger gifts within a higher price range but for the Kids. Junior Golf Package Sets are an ideal present for any young person showing an interest in Golf, and with many package sets that consist of everything they’ll need to get started you won’t have to look far. The only thing to take in to consideration is age, colour and height. US Kids Golf offer a wide range of US Kids Golf Clubs Package Sets for all ages ranges at a very reasonable prices for Son, Daughter or a young person in the family. They also provide the US Kids Golf Size Chart to avoid any inconvenient returns. Be the favourite Golfing Aunt or Uncle this Christmas with the latest Junior Clubs. 

Motocaddy Trolley Accessories

Depending on the degree of Golfer and how much they play etc, Motocaddy are one of if not the biggest Golf Trolley suppliers in the World. Its best to get some intel before such a purchase but the likelihood is that your Golfing loved one or friends has at some point owned a Motocaddy Trolley such as the Motocaddy Cube or the Motocaddy S1. So what better Golf Gift than Motocaddy Accessories, such as the Motocaddy Umbrella Holder, Motocaddy Drinks Holder, smartphone holder or if you really want to look like you know your Golf stuff, some Motocaddy Trolley Winter Wheels. All of which come at a cost but the meaningfulness and practicality of this Golf is second to none for any Golfer.  

Golf Bags

Again, moving more in to the more expensive Golf Presents for Xmas, Golf bags are always a good neutral gift. As they are all very similar and the preferences of golfers bags doesn’t really differ with practicality. The only thing you have to think about practicality wise is if they would like a Waterproof Golf bag or whether it's for the summer months. Other than that, it's more or less just about the style, brand and look of the Golf Bag. So again with this gift idea it is always best to do a bit of intel on the Golfer you are buying for this Christmas. But no matter what you find out, Golf Bags come in all shapes and sizes from a wide range of brands such as Callaway, Cobra, Mizuno and Taylormade, so you have a lot of options.

Personalised Golf Balls

This is probably one of the more thoughtful Golf Xmas Gifts on the list. Many Golf Ball Brands offer a personalised Golf Ball service, especially around the Christmas time for this exact purpose. You can get your Golf Balls personalised with anything from images of a logo or a family member to a personal quote or a significant date. There is obviously a minimal order and they do come at a cost, but this would be a very meaningful and thoughtful gift for that special Golfing someone.

Golf Clothing & Waterproofs

In keeping with a good variation of budget, you can’t go wrong with Golf Clothing. Like all clothing gifts for Christmas you just need to know size, the style you choose is all on you. And this can be a tough decision when it comes to Golf Clothing, as there is so much variety. Yet as mentioned before anything thermals or Waterproofs during these winter months is as good as gold to all Golfers. And many brands offer a wide range, such as Galvin Green Waterproofs, Under Armour thermals and Ping Pullovers, just to name a few. So you will be spoilt for choice. Its risky business buying clothing for xmas but if you know the person well enough you have plenty of options with Golf Clothing.

PuttOUT Putting Mat

This is a great Gift for any Golf fan, whether they’re a seasoned Golfer wanting to master their putting skills indoors during the winter months, or a beginner looking to improve their game before they head out on the course for real. It's also fun for the whole family, taking up very little space and a nice game for the colder winter days over Christmas. This is one of many product released by PuttOUT this year. You can also include the PuttOUT Pressure Putt Trainer and the PuttOUT Compact Mirror to get the whole indoor Putting experience, and all available at a very reasonable price.

Golf Gift Vouchers

Last but most definitely not least are Golf Gift Vouchers. Properly the easiest option as it doesn’t take much thought and the person you are buyer for can happily just send the money on something they like that is Golf related, so you are taking in to consideration the fact they love Golf, although this option just lacks a little bit of meaningfulness and thought. But none the less it allows your loved one to shop at his favourite Online Golf Store and allows you an easy purchase.

And thats our Top Ten Best Golf Gifts this Christmas, we hope this has helped in your search for the best gift this Christmas for that special someone. All of the above is available at Midlands Golf, both Online and In-Store. For any enquires regarding Online Gift Card or personalised Golf Balls please do not hesitate to Contact us In-Store.