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Midlands Golf

Midlands Golf have been providing customers with a world class experience in golf equipment purchasing for the past twenty years, both in store and on our online Golf store. We pride ourselves on delivering a vast range of only the best golfing products to the Midlands and nationwide. 

Since 2002 we have been working towards making Midlands Golf online Golf store, one of the largest and most trusted online golf stores in the UK. Our wide community of supportive and loyal customers is testament to our reliable service and the distribution of top golfing brands. Brands such as Callaway, Cobra, Mizuno, Tailor-made, Galvin Green and Ping.

Online Golf Store

Midlands Golf provide high quality golfing equipment to a wide range of West Midlands golf clubs and Nuneaton golf clubs. Building a solid foundation of satisfied customers both online and in the local golfing community. A large customer base that frequently come and visit us in store, in Nuneaton, Dorridge and Stonebridge.

As one of the UK’s largest Golf store stockists, we are able to offer our customers only the best in new releases from top brands such as Under-armour, FootJoy, Sketchers and Honma. Ensuring all our customers are satisfied and get the best out of their golfing experience.


How many clubs in a golf bag?
As seasoned Golfers will know the Golf Governing bodies have strict restrictions for just about everything you can think of when it comes to the Golf equipment you can use. And that goes for the quantity of Golf Clubs you carry in your Golf Bag. The official maximum number of Golf Clubs you are allowed to carry during play is 14.
This rules are based on the principle that success in the game of Golf should depend on only on the players judgement, skills and abilities.


How to Grip a Golf Club
Taking in to consideration the average player will grip their club between 70 to 100 times per round of Golf, there should be no logical reason why you shouldn’t be able to get your grip right every single time.
When gripping your Golf Club, for perfect neutral grip, you want your left thumb positioned just to the right of the centre. Next, include your right hand by gripping with the two middle fingers and forefinger. At this point your thumb should be placed just left of the centre. Use this method from a starting point to ensure you are gripping your Golf club correctly.


What Equipment do you need to play Golf?
You will find that the majority of Golf Stores and Golf courses will offer a rental service for Golf Clubs, and other essentials for playing Golf. Yet it is always best to have your own Golf Equipment custom fit to you. Improving their Golf game by up to five strokes per round and hitting longer more accurate drives, the majority of top Golfers say this is down to having custom fitted Golf Clubs tailored to their game.
Your 14 clubs need to consist of a putter, a pitching wedge, a sand wedge, a driver and irons consisting of three, five and seven and the last is a three wood.

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