Trackman 4

Trackman Golf Simulator

Custom Fitting at Midlands Golf has just got even better with the introduction of the all New Trackman Golf Simulator. The TrackMan 4 is superior to any other Golf Simulator. It precisely combines incredible radar capability with top quality optics for data our In-store Golf Professionals can trust. Allowing them to provide you with only the best Custom Fitting in the UK, for all the latest releases such as the all New Taylormade Stealth Plus Driver and the Callaway Rogue ST Max Driver. All are also available to buy on our Online Golf Store.

Track Man 4 is installed in both our Custom Fitting bay and a separate Track Man Golf Simulator both located at our Nuneaton Store. This allows our Golf Professionals to continuously Custom Fit our Customers to the highest spec, whilst allowing our other customers and visitors to experience the powerhouse that underpins the revolution in simulator golf with our Track Man 4 Golf Simulator.

Trackman 4

TrackMan 4 was developed with one purpose in mind – to help all golfers unlock their potential. TrackMan 4 is the launch monitor of choice for the top players and coaches, who trust its data over any other. It’s ultra-accurate and remarkably easy to use. It captures every detail including spin and shot trajectory, club head speed, backspin rates, ball speed and total distance. 

The TrackMan 4 Launch Monitor is so much more than a range finder or golf simulator. It tracks every detail of each shot including impact location, loft and face angle of your clubs as well as backspin rates and ball speed giving you a comprehensive picture of your ball flight from the tee to the green. That’s what makes it perfect for practice as well as feedback on the course or a launch monitor screen. With one click on your laptop or mobile device you can have your stats sent straight to Trackman, where you can get detailed breakdowns on every aspect of your game.

How Accurate is Trackman?

TrackMan 4 is a fully integrated launch monitor system which provides precise and immediate feedback on the dynamic characteristics of your golf swing and ball flight. Trackman Golf offer the world’s fastest, most accurate golf radar that captures essential information to make players better immediately. Its high speed imaging can capture a ball’s full flight in 0.15 seconds and displays the ball’s landing spot to a precision of 1½ feet at 160 yards (150 m) or 1 foot at 100 yards (300 m). Original TrackMan provides full trajectory analysis in near real time, from the tee to nearly any point on the course.

How Accurate is Trackman Range?

TrackMan Range provides for a better golfing experience that's unique to your club and gives you a positive edge with an integrated innovative solution. Offering the easy to use system, it is completely weatherproof and unlike other systems, functional 364 days of the year. With up-to-the minute performance tracking, without leaving your driving range, it identifies “ultimate ball speed” hitting distance, shot dispersion and top speed measurement, with incredible accuracy. TrackMan Range enhances your performance into the ultimate player experience, making it the perfect entertainment choice at any time of the day. 

To find out more about our Custom Fitting Service and Track Man Golf Simulator call one of our stores now, email us or submit a contact form on our Online Golf Store.