Top 10 Winter Golf Essentials

You can be one of the best Golfers out there and play with all the best Golf Equipment, but if your winter Golf Kit isn’t up to standard it can and will effect your game. As Golfers, we all know the winter months can be tough on your game. But with the right gear you can play to the standard you are accustom too, improving your Golf game all year round. Turning up to the cold days on the course fully prepared couldn’t be easier with the winter essentials that are available today. From high quality Golf Waterproofs and mid layers to the smaller things like warm Golf Hats, Golf Snood and gloves, Midlands Golf have all the above available In-Store and on our Online Golf Store. We pride ourselves on allowing you to be able to stroll the fairways in comfort, style and most importantly warm and dry. 

Maybe you play in a winter league and are just looking to upgrade your gear, or perhaps you just want to keep your swing sharp throughout the winter ready for the spring season. Whatever your reason, give yourself the competitive edge with our combination of products that will keep you on the course this winter.

Waterproof Golf Jackets

Golf Waterproof Jackets may seem like a simple and obvious idea but it is an item that many overlook mainly because of the high price tag. But if you're a consistent Golfer, it is best to look at it as a long term investment to your game. Seasoned Golfers know that the British weather can throw anything at your, so it is nice to have the reassurance of top quality Golf Waterproofs to keep you dry whilst on the course, allowing you to perform at your best. If it has been a while since purchasing a quality Waterproof Jacket, you will be surprised at the continuously developing technology behind it. With the introduction of Gore-tex technology in the likes of Galvin Green Waterproof Jackets, it wasn’t long before other Golf Brands followed suit with Ping Waterproofs and Callaway Waterproof Jackets. Their aim is to make the material thinner, lighter and more flexible whilst keeping you warm and dry at the same time. It comes as a result of manufacturers understanding the frustration of playing Golf in a big jackets restricting your swing. The Lightweight Mizuno Waterproof Jacket allows next to no restricted movement and gives more stretch to improve flexibility. 

Waterproof Golf Trousers

Just as important as the Waterproof Jacket, are Waterproof Golf Trousers. They are a must for any winter Golfer or for British players, all year round. All seasoned Golfers know there are many perks to Under Armour Waterproof Trousers. It doesn’t stop at just keeping you dry when it rains on the Golf course, they provide an extra layer of warmth and also prevents mud gathering on your nice Golf Trousers underneath for when you’re in the clubhouse at the end of the round. The key to choosing Waterproof Golf Trousers is to ensure they’re long enough to provide cover for the tops of your Golf Shoes but not too long to get them caught on your spikes. Some Waterproof Golf Trousers even have fleece-lined pockets such as the Callaway Waterproof Trousers to keep your hands warm in between play. All available on our Online Golf Store.

Golf Mid Layers

The all important Golf Mid Layer is your go to Golf Top on all occasions all year round. So it is essential you find the right Golf Mid Layer for your game, your needs and your budget. With a range available from a huge amount of Golf Brands, it makes choosing the right one quite difficult. Most Golfers tend to stick to the popular brands with the Under Armour Mid Layer and  Ping Mid Layer but it all depends on your preferences. You need to take in to consideration whether you want optimum warmth and protection from wind and rain. If that is the case Galvin Green Mid Layer might be the one for you, as their advancements in Gore-tex technology over the years has made them number one for protection against extreme weather.

Golf Base Layers

A must have for the winter months whilst out on the Golf course, Golf Base Layers. Worn underneath everything, hugging the skin, the base layer really is key to retaining your body heat on those bitter days when playing. The majority of the Under Armour Golf Base Layers available are compression fit for a relaxed feel and to increase blood flow. Essentially they are made to retain the warmth but make you feel as if you're not wearing an under layer at all, aside from the roll neck that is common on most Brands such as the Galvin Green Base Layer. Much like the Golf Mid Layers there is a wide range to choose from, so it is best to think about what you want and do some research. After buying your base layer it important to save it for those really cold days because if it gets too hot they can be difficult to take off once out on the Golf course.

Golf Hats

Golf Hats when out of on the Golf course during the winter months are essential. Golf Hats come in a variety of different styles, all perfect for winter. From Mens Golf Bobble Hats to Waterproof Golf Bucket Hats. Golf wooly Hats are very soft and offer much more comfort and warmth than your regular high street brands. Galvin Green Hat for example offer thermal insulation to retain the heat with a gore wind stopper lining. All available In-store at Midlands Golf and on our Online Golf Store.

Golf Snoods

A highly overlooked piece of winter clothing, Mens Golf Snoods or neck warmers. As the neck is normally fairly exposed with most Golf tops, you tend to feel the cold more around that area. The aim is to keep as much skin covered as possible when out on the Golf course during Winter, and rest assured there is an item of clothing for that. Golf Snoods are usually made up of fleece materials which is soft for maximum comfort much like the Galvin Green Snood and the Ping Snood. The reason they are mainly overlooked is the strange look and they may seem bit unnecessary, but every seasoned Golfer Knows you don’t leave the house for the Golf course without your Best Golf Snood during the Winter months.

Golf Umbrellas

An obvious yet important one, as we all know Golfer or not, British winters are filled with rain. So having a Golf Umbrellas is essential when out on the course during winter when it comes to staying dry. They come in handy when keeping your over kit dry too, as most of the Golf trolleys these days are fitted with Umbrella holders such as the Motocaddy Umbrella Holder and the PowaKaddy Umbrella Holder. A popular Golf Umbrella amongst Winter Golfers is the Clearview Umbrella and also the wide range from Cobra Golf Umbrella UK.

Waterproof Golf Shoes

You will find most Golf Shoes on the market these days are waterproof, yet there are different standards of quality throughout the ranges. You need to make sure your Winter Golf Shoes are durable, reliable and sturdy. The recommended option for Winter Waterproof Golf Shoes are Spiked Golf Shoes for that extra Grip on the course, for those muddy lies and frozen mats. Another key point to consider when purchasing is the style of shoes, make sure to get ones that are easy to clean, as they’re more than likely going to gather a lot of dirt around the course at that time of year.

Golf Gloves

Waterproof Gloves, all weather gloves, Best Winter Golf Mittens or a mix of the three, you can’t get the most out your game during the Winter months without at least one pair of Golf Gloves. Golf Mittens of course are the go to for maximum warmth on those extra cold days, perfect for wearing between shots. Pairs of all weather Golf Gloves are popular throughout the year as they offer warmth whilst keeping both hands warm whilst taking shots, the most popular are the Under Armour Coldgear 2 Thermal Golf Gloves. Under Armour Waterproof Gloves such as the Under Armour Coldgear Gloves are always worth having in your Golf Bag, providing more grip the wetter they get.

Winter Golf Balls

Many Golfers will agree it is the little things that make the big differences when it comes to winter Golf. Starting with the simple yet maybe the most important, brightly coloured Golf Balls. Using a White Golf Balls in the winter weather with the likes of muddy and snowy ground is no good, you could spend the majority of the day just searching for your Golf ball. The simple switch to a brightly coloured Golf Ball such as a pink ball like the Titleist Velocity Golf Balls or even a Blue Golf Balls, but Yellow Golf Balls are the most popular for obvious reasons throughout the Winter. That being said you also want to take in to consideration the ball that is going to help your winter performance. You want a Golf Ball that is durable such as Distance Golf Balls or one of the many from the collection of Honma Golf Balls.

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