Seasoned Golfers think of Ping Golf when taking into consideration the top, most trusted brands with in the industry. Especially when it comes to Ping Golf Clubs and Ping Golf Bags. Established in Phoenix, Arizona by an engineer named Karsten Solheim. He designed and produced Ping putters from his garage in 1959. He came up with the band name of Ping as a description of the sound of the clubhead making contact with he Golf ball. With the only available putters of the time not being to Solheims liking, he decided to design the very first Ping putter, the Ping 1A. Using unique design processes of the time, he made the decision to have the blade of the Ping 1A be centre to the shaft instead of the back, which revolutionised the the way Golf putters were made from then on. 

Since then Ping Golf has gone from strength to strength, offering Golfers worldwide superior products to enhance and improve their game. Not only with the revolutionary putters but with a wide range of Golf Clubs such as the Ping G410 driver and a vast collection of Ping Golf Irons. A brand that has cemented their place with in the industry, admired by the pros and seasoned Golfers alike.