Cure RX3 Black Straight Putter

Shaft: Straight - Chrome Black Tip
Length: Uncut
Hand: RH
Sale price£149.95


About Cure RX3 Black Straight Putter

The Cure RX3 Black Straight Putter is the smallest putter in the RX Series with a 5.25" profile, featuring extremely High MOI, a wide range of adjustable weight, an adjustable lie angle and Cure's new T-Bar alignment. The Cure RX3 Putter has extremely High MOI which delivers incredible stability throughout your stroke, helps you square the putter at impact and offers unmatched forgiveness on mishits. This translates to better distance and directional control and improved consistency. Fully customizable with a wide range of both weight and lie adjustability, you can easily dial in the perfect fit and feel to suit your stroke and tempo and change your setting anytime you wish. Additionally, shafts are interchangeable. The Cure RX3 Putter has a higher center of gravity, lower loft, and a deeper face that impacts the ball at the equator, eliminating backspin and creating a lower, more consistent launch angle and superior forward roll, helping the ball stay on the intended line. Available Right handed only in standard lengths Includes Basic Weight Kit & Headcover


  • Head - 5.25" Aircraft Grade Aluminum (T-6061)
  • Head colour: Black
  • Face - Precision Spiral Milled
  • Weight Range - Adjustable 332 - 586 grams
  • MOI Range - 6,400 - 14,200 g/cm2
  • Lie Angle - Adjustable 62º - 80º
  • Loft - 1.5º
  • Sole - Tri-Sole w/ Flange
  • Alignment - T-Bar
  • Hand - Right
  • Shaft - Heel Shafted - Straight or Offset
  • Length - 33", 34", 35"

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