Mizuno Pro 241 Irons

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Set: 5-PW
Shaft: KBS Tour (Stiff)
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What Mizuno Says: 
Mizuno's proprietary technology harmoniously blends with the expertise of seasoned craftsmen, resulting in an exquisite fusion that reflects the essence of Mizuno's distinct aesthetics. Every facet has been meticulously refined, a testament to Mizuno's unwavering commitment to excellence.
Features & benefits:
Meticulously engineered iron - The Mizuno Pro 241 Iron is a masterfully crafted muscle-back iron that delivers an unparalleled feel and performance. The iron is meticulously engineered to amplify the sensation of impact, setting new standards for solid shot feedback.
Muscle-back irons - The Mizuno Pro 241 Iron is derived from the lineage of celebrated muscle-back irons, and it encompasses a user-centric compact design that ensures effortless handling and control. The entire head has been meticulously sculpted into a compact size, a design approach that significantly enhances the performance of short irons.
True masterpiece of forged iron design - It is the culmination of Mizuno's heritage and devotion to the art of forging, and it represents a new chapter in forging excellence. 
Grain flow forged HD technology - This advanced forging technique results in a seamless structure with unbroken grain flow lines, which delivers a superior feel and sound.
Compact design - The compact head size provides a more forgiving feel and enhanced control, especially in the short irons.
Precise weight distribution - The weight is precisely distributed throughout the head to optimize forgiveness and performance.
Set make up: #5-9 PW (6 pieces)

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