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The culmination of a rigorous 3-year project of testing and development, the latest RB Tour and RB Tour X balls are engineered for the next generation of Tour players.
After the success of the previous RB Tour range, Mizuno set two research and development teams the task of working together to enhance the original design. 99 prototypes and 3-years of exhaustive testing later, Mizuno has created a golf ball that provides golfers with the perfect harmony of dimple configuration, construction, compression and cover.
“The ultimate difference with the new RB Tour has been the time spent working on the prototypes. 3-years of player, robot and greenside feedback across every possible performance attribute. Via parallel R&D teams – our original ball group in Japan, backed up by a new unit in Atlanta US,” says David Llewellyn – Director of R&D, Mizuno USA.
One of the standout features of the new RB Tour range is the unique AXIAFLOW dimple. On full shots, the new dimple generates a higher driver flight and flatter wedge flight, compared to other tour-level balls. Creating a more defined visual look, the new 272 dimple pattern provides a larger and more precise outline on the golf ball, a visual effect that our testers preferred.
A traditionally soft feel is always expected from Mizuno, something the RB Tour and RB Tour X deliver in spades. Also, responding to feedback from many Mizuno fans and elite level golfers, ensuring improved durability of the RB Tour cover was a central theme behind the R&D of the new RB Tour design. After comprehensive testing, along with feedback from players, the new RB Tour range promises to deliver repeatable consistency and durability throughout the round.
Providing a golf ball that excels for both tour level golfers and the average amateur has been a focus for Mizuno through their development process. The RB Tour X is engineered for low driver spin, while the RB Tour provides an even lower spin rate, designed for a new generation of players with faster clubhead speeds.
“We purposefully slanted the performance of both RB Tour models towards our younger elite players. Both models launch high off the driver – one with low spin, the other lower. Yet both balls demonstrated a flatter flight from full wedge shots. A remarkable accomplishment from the aerodynamics team in Japan.” says Chris Voshall – Director of Product, Mizuno USA.

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