On Point 3D Golf Ball Marker

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On Point 3D Golf Ball Marker

While the On Point ball markers may not make your putting stroke any better, they can benefit your ability to see the break of your putts and allow you to prepare for success. More confident putting means holing more putts and shooting lower scores. The 3-dimensional design of the On Point marker is gaining traction on Tour and it can be a valuable addition for players that struggle to see their putts before setting up to the golf ball. 


  • 3-dimensional shapes help players to more efficiently line their golf ball at the target.  

  • Each On Point ball marker is crafted to resemble a golf ball or similar sphere and allows players to visualise putts even before their ball is placed on the green.  

  • The On Point markers are easier to see from the opposite side of the hole making green reading much faster and more straight forward, specifically on longer putts.  

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