Top 5 Golf Clothing Brands 2021

Without a doubt Golfing fashion has inspired its fair share of generations and movements throughout the years. Ironically, one of the biggest sports in the world with the strictest dress code has became more popular and vibrant as time has gone on. And in recent years Golf Clothing sales are at an all time high. Of course the older, bigger names in the Golfing industry such as Callaway and Ping still aim to make their clothing tailored more towards performance than style. Yet in order to keep up with the newer brands and the influx of new, younger players, they’ve had to look towards the future of Golf Fashion, and the future looks very bright. 

Fortunately for Golf retailers, seasoned Golfers and even the newcomers to the game, Golf hasn’t been hit quite as hard as the other industries during the pandemic. As it is the perfect socially distance sport. It seems everyone was wanting to play, either returning to the course after a brief lockdown or starting to get in to Golf as a means to get out and be active. Golf play increased at a rate not seen since the late 90s, when a man called Tiger took to the Golf course. 

As one of the lucky industries throughout the pandemic, Golf brands did not hesitate to take action and have been offering us a wide range of new Golf Clothing, equipment and clubs. Here are Midlands Golf's Top Five Golf Clothings of 2021.

Under Armour Golf

One of the newcomers to the Golfing Industry but definitely not inexperienced when it comes to sportswear. Under Armour provide premium comfort in their sports clothing whilst combining technology within their fabric to work with your body to regulate temperature and enhance performance. And their 2021 range has made no acceptation to what we are used to from Under Armour, yet this years range has been at the height of vibrance. Giving their customers the brightest of colours with their floral Under Armour Golf Shirts and Under Armour Golf Shorts. Yet keeping it relatively plain and simple with their iconic Under Armour Golf Trousers, which has had a positive response from customers.


Callaway Golf Clothing

Established in 1982, Callaway are no strangers to the Golf industry. With maximum experience in all round performance when it comes to Callaway Ladies Golf Clothes, Callaway uk have also kept up to speed with the rest when it comes to modern styles. As per, offering comfort and Opti-Dro technology helping you stay cool whilst on the course, accompanied with the popular patterns of 2021.


Ping Golf Clothing

Ping Golf Clothing is based around the principal of allowing players to have the best Golfing experience, no matter what the conditions. Whilst maintaining their great name with the latest in sports clothing technologies, testing every piece of golfing gear throughout the development including Ping Golf Bags. They also provide their very unique stying not necessarily in keeping with the latest vibrant trends but still offering a wide range of popular styles in both mens, women’s and Ping Junior Golf Clothing.


Mizuno Golf

With their most recent AW21 Collection, functionality is at its heart, built around performance technology which allows complete waterproof clothing with flexibility and comfort that is second to none. Similar to other top brand in Golf clothing, Mizuno offer fabric in their clothing that provides heat retention whilst keeping water out, this includes their Mizuno Golf Shoes and Mizuno Golf Bags. As for their latest designs, the modern, vibrant style is as striking as the performance. 



Becoming one of the most popular Golf Clothing Brands in recent years renown for their Footjoy Golf Shoes, it isn’t surprising that Footjoy made the list. Since their establishment they have always made ultimate performance a priority, priding themselves on their slogan “Make every day playable” meaning there should be no conditions stopping you from playing your best game. And 2021 has not disappointed when it comes to Footjoy clothing, offering the high standard we have come to expect from the Footjoy Hyperflex companied with the latest designs.