Top 5 New Golf Arrivals of 2021

After a difficult year of making the best of a bad situation in terms of Golfing, the Golf industry has surprised us all in keeping up the consistency of new and innovative equipment for 2021. Therefore after a long wait to get back on the course we were greeted with an abundance of new arrivals. All Golfing brands such as Taylormade, Callaway, Cobra and Mizuno have all delivered on their promise of hitting the ground running when the Golf Courses reopened. This is also within their interest as the reopening of Golf course has encouraged a new wave of new Golfers looking for the best beginners and package sets at the best prices.

As we have seen a wide range of new releases and arrivals coming in-store at Midlands Golf throughout the reopening of Golf Stores we have put together a list below of some of the best new releases in the Golf industry and what has proved popular amongst seasoned Golfers and beginners.


Taylormade P790 Irons 2021

As most seasoned Golfers and Taylormade enthusiasts will agree the new P790 Irons are undeniably a step up in aesthetics. Bringing a cleaner, more blade like look from the back accompanied with a lighter finish, more noticeable on the hitting area, that frames the Golf ball considerably finer than the 2019 model. Seasoned Golfer may notice the face of this years Taylormade P790 looks taller than the models before, with a thicker top line, which will not be welcomed as kindly as they had hoped by players with a lower handicap. 

The make up of the club remains the same to previous P790 models yet the construction of the head is very different, these changes give all round improvements, offering the same consistency and uniform performance we have become accustom to with Taylormade Irons.

Cobra FLY XL Package Set

One of the best if not the best releases from Cobra this year, the Cobra FLY XL Package Set. The set consists of ten clubs in total, including Driver, fairway driver and a hybrid. The Irons are constructed with graphite shafts rather than steel, allowing for an easier launch with its lightweight feel. This package set also comes with a high quality trolley bag but unfortunately not the trolley. This is the perfect set that allows beginners or even intermediate to get a full premium set of clubs from a well known brand at a good, reasonable price. Available in both his and hers.

Sixon Q-Star Tour Divide Golf Balls

Following their design improvements in 2020, Srixon have since upped their game with the Q-Star Tour this year, releasing the Q-Star Tour Divide Golf Ball. Not only is it visually pleasing, the 50/50 matte urethane covered Golf Ball allows high contrast without dampening the spin and the all round performance we have come accustom to from the original Q-Star Tour Golf Ball. 

Although the two-tone colour way makes for an ascetically pleasing design, it actually allows players to see the speed and direction of the spin on every shot and assist with those all important putts, ensuring better alignment with the 360º line. 

Taylormade Milled Grind 3.0 Wedge

With the Taylormade Milled Grind 3.0, they have gone for a more muscle back styled design to the delight of the lower handicapped players. This third generation popular wedge has become more progressive through loft in many different ways. The main aspect that many seasoned Golfers will notice is the thick thin design. In order to produce a more consistent flight and feel, the high toe section gradually gets thicker as the loft increases. The result of this is a flight that does not fly too high on full shots and also gives a strong feel on open faced shots. Despite making the wedge look more bulbous this is a positive effect yet not a new concept. 

Titleist T100 Irons 2021

As Golf fans may know from being the most used Golf Irons on the tour this year, the Titleist T100 Golf Irons have been rendered and modernised, along with the other T-Series Irons. Titleist have based their new developments around distance, dispersion and descent angle. Titleist have taken it upon themselves to get the feedback and reviews from some of the best Golf Iron players in the world, and it is for that very reason Titleist provide the most played Irons, especially with the ever developing T-Series. 

Thanks to its thin top line and minimal offset, the Titleist T100 is build for precision and fully forged to be a dual cavity Golf Iron. This is one of the best improvements on an already impressive product, no doubt to be popular throughout the years.


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